Monday, June 24, 2013

squid:Error:could not send signal 0 to process 3745: (3)no such process

I get the below when starting and stoping squid as squid dead but pid file exists. 
squid:Error:could not send signal 0 to process 3745: (3) No such process.And I am not able to browse from the clients system. Any one please guide for the solution for the same.
Hi See if there are squid processes witf ps -ef | grep squid 
If not 
just remove the PID and restart squid. 
Did you remove /var/run/ ? If not, remove it and try to start again..
It is becoming a zombie process beacause its parent process process is running but due to some error its child process is getting killed. you can 
kill this zombie process by sending kill -9 signal and then again restart 
the sqid process. you can also check the log files to check why the child 
process is killed. 


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