Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Issue with 9117-MMA Firmware Upgrade thru HMC

When trying to do fw upg on 9117-mma thru the HMC I get an error saying: 
> LIC Readiness Check detected the following errors: 
> HSCF0071E communication error to secondary Flexible Service Processor on 9117- MMA*snabcd12: 
> No connection exists. 
> These errors must be corrected before updating LIC. 
> Click OK to return to the previous panel. HSCF0112. 
My current FW is: EM340_075 
My HMC is at v7 R3.4 SP3

I hope the following link will be helpful for you.... 141368625738e00641c2c

I did eventually resolve the problem. 
The issue was a missing connection to the secondary Service Processor. A connection to the secondary SP is required when there are multiple cabinets (CECs) on the 911-MMA. 1 CEC @4 processors. 

So getting the HMC1 port on the second CEC connected to the HMC network solved the issue.

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