Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cannot Find FTPaccess, FTPgroups, FTPhosts File on HP-UNIX 10

I'm trying to configure FTP on hp-ux 10 but not be able to find any ftpaccess, ftpgroups, ftphosts file on HP-UNIX 10? I just started the ftp service by changing the inetd.conf and I can upload and download the files. 
Could you anyone update how to get all these files? so that I can put some security on my ftp? Do I need to download a ftp software? if yes from where I can download ftp for hp-unix 10 or it comes by default, how Can I check. I can see on sam that frp service is enabled.
Since you turned on FTP in the inetd.conf it means that you can perform FTP functions.
Your files might just be in home directory of the user id you used to log into your server. Take a look there first. 
If you want security with ftp it does not exist you need to seriously look at SSH (Secure Shell). 
If you do not want to use standard FTP from HP Unix you can find open source type FTP but I do not recommend it. Go towards learning SSH at least it's more secure(HPUX 10 was a long time ago for me), the FTP controls you're asking about were not available with the out of the box FTP from HPUX. The FTP control files you're asking about were introduced with WU-FTP for HPUX.
HP Unix 10.0 is a very long time ago and just like him I can not remember that far back. It is my feeling that you will have a very hard time finding information let alone software and or patches for HP Unix 10.0. 
Depending on what you want to do with FTP you will need to find documentation on HP 10.0. You can probably find a Open Source FTP which you will need to download and compile as another option. Sorry about throughing the SSH option to you. I can not remember if SSH was available back then. Too long ago. It looks like the WU-FTP option is your best you can find it. 

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