Thursday, August 22, 2013

Error 13 in HPUX?

Hi members am using HPUX 11.23 every time when users log in the server they receive error 13 whereby they cant proceed with the operation,why does this happen and how to solve it?

The error 13 is a permission denied. 
It could be generated by accessing at the user's mailbox. 
Check in /etc/profile and .profile in order to find with 
commands run during the loginyou have to analyze your user 

I can suggest to check the permission of : 


Those files are read by /etc/profile. 
In order to determine what is causing the error 13, add the following line to the beginning of /etc/profile .... set -vx 
This command will turn on shell script "tracing". Open another window and login to your system. You will be able to see the command and variable substution as they are executed. When the error 13 occurs, the command immediatly preceeding the error is typically the offending command. 
Becareful as this could generate a lot of output to your screen. Any user loggin into your system with the korn or posix shell will receive these messages. After you gather the debug info, remove the trace directive from /etc/profile

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