Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to use sudo command

How to use sudo command in linux

ou can start by installing SUDO on your server. 
Then once logged in after the install issue command "man sudo" 
- issue command "visudo" 
- add line: For example purposes let's say user id "user01" is a non priveldged user. 
"user 01 ALL = /sbin/ioscan" 
- save the file. 
- log into id "user01" 
- While logged into "user01" type command "sudo -l ". You will see the ioscan command. 
- To test the ioscan command issue command "sudo /sbin/ioscan -fn" 
- Then issue command "/sbin/ioscan -fn". This command will fail without the sudo. 
BTW: This is a HP unix forum and not a Linux forum. Please note that SUDO is the same in all flavors of UNIX. 

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