Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tape Not Detected in HP-UX 11i

Tape is not detecting in SDLT tape drive which is connected to HP-UX 11.11 machine. 
mt -f /dev/rmt/1mn stat -command o/p is showing-on tape open: No such device or address. 
but tape drive is cliamed in tape 1 path. 
what are the reasons for tape is not detected in tape drive..
Is there a tape really in the drive. I have seen cases where am operator pushes the tape inside the drive and leaves the location of the tape drive. As he leaves the tapes drive will re-eject the tape. Seen it too many times please re-check if tape is really inside drive. 
- Perform an ioscan command then and then a "ioscan -fnC tape" does it show /dev/rmt/1mn device as "claimed". 
- Do you really have the proper type SDLT tape for your tape drive. 
- You mentioned that the tape drive is connected to the HP Unix server. For now I will assume that it is SCSI attached. Is it properly terminated. Does the tape drive have a SCSI terminator attatched and properly inserted. I have seem too many tape drives improperly terminated. 
- Is the SCSI cable properly connected behind the tape drive?. 
- Is the SCSI cable properly connected behind the server? 
- If all the above is checked and you can not see anything wrong. Then please remove the SCSI cable and visually inspect one SCSI end. Depending on the SCSI connection you can have either 25 /32/64 PINs. Make sure there are no "bent" PINs. ANy PIN that is bent will cause the system to not recognize your tape. Do the same on the other SCSI cable end. 

One other simple thing to check .... is /dev/rmt/1m really the DLT drive? Is it possible that you have move than 1 tape drive on the system and the DLT is located at another device file (/dev/rmt/0m possibly)? Check your HW path for the physical SCSI connection point and see if that HW path matches the HW path from ioscan -funCta
OK what is the result for the command : 
# ioscan -fn 

OK and when you put a tape and you make a : 
# tar -cvf /dev/rmt/1m /tmp (for example) 
what is the error message? 

Unfortunately, this is by design of SDLT drives. If a tape was formatted by 
a SDLT 320 drive, then it is incompatible with a SDLT 220 drive. 
Vice-versa is not true though. If a tape was formatted by a SDLT 220 drive, 
it can still be read AND written by a SDLT 320 drive. 
See page 13 of the following document: anual/c00258430/c00258430. 
anual/c00258430/c00258430.pdf')>Please try below mentioned command. 
#ioscan -fnC tape 
#insf -e 
If you still facing the problem then it may be some SCSi to Hardware path 
mapping issue or Tape has been corrupted or Drive may itself got corrupted. 

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