Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Configure NPAR and VPAR in HPUX Operating System

www.unixbabuforum.inI have Install HPUX operating system 11.23 version now I want to configure npar and vpar,kindly help me in this regards,can anybody send me the steps by step configuration of npar and vpar

www.unixbabuforum.inI can give a high level list of tasks to perform but you will need to read the DOCs suggested by Scott to get the details. 

- Create a Ignite tape of your server before you begin. In case of roll back. 
- take an inventory of your server (ioscan) and the total number of CPUs and Memory. 
- Write a plan stating how many CPUs and memory each partition will get. 
- Make sure your server has the latest patch bundle, security patches, hardware patches. 
- You can locate the Virtual Partion software on your HP Unix DVD marked "Application ". You will most likely need addition software and patches but read the Installation guides. 
- You will need to purchase a license from HP for Virtual partition and get a License CODE. You will need the code in order to unlock the software on the DVD. 
- Install your Virtual partition software. Note that the server will reboot. 
- Once rebooted use the "vparcreate" command to create your primary partition virtual partitions. Your your plan earlier created to assign the proper CPUs, memory and I/O cards to your first partition. 
- Now reboot your server in VPAR mode and not standard mode. See DOCs for how to perform this. 
- When successful your primary partition will be up and running. 
- From this partition you can VPARCREATE your other partitions.


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