Tuesday, October 8, 2013

bsub: not found.

bsub: not found.I'm getting some error in my IBM-AIX P5 mechine when i tried to run 
*.ksh a script file , the error is like below 
Running with 1 processors, output to 
/home/Deepak/WRFDA/var/scripts/da_run_job.ksh[ 140]: *bsub: not found.* 
+ exit 0 
i found somewhere in internet that , someone suggested just to run the 
following command 
*source /usr/etc/d0local.login* 
but in my mechine inside the *etc* directory no such files 
*d0local.login*are there. 
so what to do to resolve this error...
bsub: not found.It seems to me that the script is trying to run a command bsub (I thinnk it is some batch submission) which it couldn't find on your system and hence the error

bsub: not found.use the following command, 

find / -name "bsub" 
if you are lucky and is found on the system, specify the absolute path of "bsub" in your script and rerun it. Ex: /usr/local/bin/bsub. If not you don't have the bsub utility installed on your system and you need to install it for your script to work.

bsub: not found. Use  
find / -name "bsub" -print 
find / -name "bsub" -ls


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