Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can't allocate memory

www.unixbabuforum.ingetting below error while running swinstall. 
when i try installing a patch bundle in cluster environment i run a patch test during that time got error : Cannot allocate memory. Either there is no memory available 

or the memory managed by malloc has been corrupted. The 

program had a memory allocation error. This is probably due 

to insufficient swap space. The program will now exit. This 

error occurred in file bundle.c and line 4598. 

Controller terminated this agent. Exiting now. 

* Agent pid=9221 completed. 05/13/08 02:38:25 EDT 

* Started install agent on "/" for root@chios, pid=9812, 

05/13/08 02:39:25 EDT 
=>checked the swapspace looking normal 
guide how to narraw down

www.unixbabuforum.inBy the looks of your error message I thing you have more serious problems. If you are experience SWAP issues it means you are running out of memory. The server swaps when it does not have enough memory. The rule of thumb is to create swap space double the size of you memory depending on the application that runs on it. You usually set swap based on the software vendors recommendation. If you SAPit's double RAM, if you run HP OVO it's something else. Because you have not given more relevant information I can not make a good recommendation. You either need more memory or increase you swap file. It's just a feeling do not increase memory or swap without providing more information. Try running glance and type "m" for memory report. It will show how much free memory and and how much swap is being used. A screen shot of glance's statistics would help. 


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