Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Create backup of SPOT

www.unixbabuforum.inI have an IBM problem I hope someone can help me with. This all started when a consultant upgraded PowerPath on the VIO servers. When EMC PowerPath was upgraded from 5.1 to 5.3 on the VIO LPARs, all the client LPAR SAN disks were left online. This invalidated the PVID numbers on all the client LPAR disks. In order to fix this, I need to back up the data on each file system, shutdown the client LPAR, unmap the LUNs from the client LPAR on the VIO, remap them back and then recreate all the VGs, LVs and file systems and restore the data. I've done this on all the client LPARs except for the NIM LPARs. 

To backup the NIM data, I'm trying to copy the SPOTs to another LPAR so I can fix those LUNs on the NIM server. I was trying to copy the SPOTs to a file system from another LPAR that I NFS mounted to the NIM server. This copies so much of the data and then hangs. Plus, the portion of the SPOT it did copy over wound up being much larger than the source. Thus, I suspect the SPOT copies would be no good. 

So, I tried to create a tarball of the SPOTs, but this fails due to path names being too long. 

Does anyone know how I can backup those SPOTs? First, try to export the VGs and remove and remap the disks from the VIOs as Zeus suggested. However, since the PVID number on each disk had changed, all LVM information stored on the disk became invalid. An EMC support call revealed that all VGs had to be rebuilt and the data restored. 

I was able to get the SPOT backup by stringing a few commands together: 

find ./v53 -print | backup -i -f - | dd of=/mnt/v53 


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