Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Installing HPUX on OEM SAN disks

www.unixbabuforum.inOur customer is willing to buy a Bladecenter from HP in order to consolidate some services including Oracle DB for DEV and QA enviroments. Some discussions about benefits of blades have concluded in recommendation of using SAN LUNs for SAN boot of those blades. 
Coming from the IBM area i have done this before with IBM Bladecenter and using Suse 9 Linux from Novell. We want to boot from either IBM DS8300 LUNs or from IBM DS4500 ones. We don't expect drivers for such storage subsystems exist in the HPUX media so we are looking for a way to install HPUX on SAN disks. 

When installing Suse we use to stop install and get into a rescue option in order to module load the drivers for a given disks, then returning to the install we have in memory the correspondent module and install can be done on those SAN disks. 
Does HPUX have something similar ?? due to the fact tha HPUX uses modules i think we can load a driver to memory in normal execution of the OS, what about at install time ??. Have you ever install HPUX on OEM storage subsystems before ?? 

www.unixbabuforum.inI have not work with the IBM DS4500 but I have worked with a DS8100 and DS4300s. These subsystems are certified by IBM for use with HPUX 11iV1 and v2. (I assume v3 but I'm not sure since were only just begun testing this OS.) The IBM subsystem presents LUNs to the host that are compatible with the existing HPUX sdisk driver. I have not used the HP C class blades by for RP, RX, and Superdome class servers I have used these disks for booting as long as the server you are booting from supports SAN boot and are at the needed firmware level. 

I didn't have to do anything special to use the IBM LUNs on HPUX.


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