Tuesday, October 8, 2013

JS blade configuration with BladeCenter S

www.unixbabuforum.inIf I have a BladeCenter S with a JSXX blade with a SAS CFFv (or SAS CIOv for JS23) card running AIX 6, what CFFh Ethernet card can I use with it? 

I need to have the SAS card for the BladeCenter S?s using the internal SAN capabilities, but I also require 4 distinct Ethernet Ports. I have done a bit of reading and from what I can gather there is no way around it other than to try a Feature Code 8252. But when I go and configure the only hopeful candidate, Feature Code 8252 4GB Fibre Channel /1Gb Ethernet Expansion Card, (via econfig) I get an error message that the card is not supported by the BladeCenter S, but the 8252 can be ordered with BCS using RPQ 8A1747 outside of eConfig.) 

Is there anyone out there that has configured up and got running a BladeCenter S with a JSXX blade using the internal SAN and 4 seperate Network ports (2 on-Board with 2 more supplied by a CFFh card) running AIX ???? 
If so I would love to know what CFFh you are using, and if you had any tips on how to get these ports recognised by AIX...
www.unixbabuforum.inUnfortunately JSXX blades do not support expansion blades to support more 
PCI adapters (like Intel or AMD-based blades). I don't know what "ordering 
outside eConfig" means, but theoretically there is another way: 
8275 QLogic 2-port 10Gb Converged Network Adapter 
This adapter connects the blade to both Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks 
providing you have 10Gb Pass-Thru Module on the chassis and a converged 
top-of-rack switch. This could actually be a good investment for future 
technology. This adapter adds two NICs and two FC adapters to the blade. 

A good conclusion from your case is that although blades are powerful 
servers with exceptional price, they have their own inherent limitation when 
you compare them with standalone servers. Let's have a look at JS23 (with 4 
POWER6 cores) and POWER 520. Approximately the same rPerf, but the latter is 
more more flexible to add desired insternal disks and PCI adapters. 


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