Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Missin lun

Missin lunI am running AIX 5.2 ML 9 on a P550 Lpar. When I run the lsvg -p vgname one of the hdisk has a pv state of missing. This disk is mapped from a SVC 2145. Is there any way to recover the disk and get the pv state to active. 

Missin lunfirst see if the disk is available or defined with lsdev -Cc disk. if 
available then issue 
varyonvg <vglun belongs to> 
check with SAN folks if the lun is presented to server. including zoning is 
alright. maybe someone deleted the zone accidentaly. 
If the lun is part of a vioclinet, see if the VIoserver can see the disk, 
and check if the disk is mapped to vioclinet from lsmap -all 
the worst scenario is if SAN folks deleted the lun -then if you have mirror 
on aix server then start with breaking the mirror. present new lun and 
create mirror on the new disk. 


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