Monday, October 14, 2013

Scripting Function Keys, Korn Shell

www.unixbabuforum.inI need to write a script that logs into the application, adds a path to an encryption key then sets the key phrase for the key. To set the key phrase I need to somehow script F6. Not sure how to call the function key F6. 

I'm scripting this on an AIX 6.1 server, using putty and terminal type xterm.
www.unixbabuforum.inNormally content of a function key are more than one character 
and starts with "ESC" character 
You can check if input character is "ESC", then check rest of string
www.unixbabuforum.inSounds to me that you have come up with a scheme where you can have an incredibly complex and secure access control system, except every user will have the same one-character password: "hit the F6 key" 


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