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Server Room: Raised Floor

www.unixbabuforum.inWe have RH servers in the server room and I have a generic question 
about the server room itself. What are the reason(s) for having a 
raised (or heightened) floor in the server room. In our server room the 
floor is elevated about may 12 to 15 inches off of the normal floor and 
is covered with removable tiles and underneath the tiles I could see 
network wires/cables, etc. Is the raised floor solely to keep these 
network cables hidden away, or is the raised floor a method to prevent a 
flood from damaging the actual hardware servers? 

www.unixbabuforum.inThe real reason for a raised floor is to provide for the movement of cold air - you will probably see perforated floor tiles that sit in front of the racks to allow the cold air to cool the computers in the rack. Though often used as a space for wiring, it is for cooling and circulation. Best practices state that electrical and network should come from the top and not be put under the floor because they will impeded the proper flow of air, although best practices are not always the most common practice. APC has some information about this regarding their InfraStruXure documentation. 
Most people use the raised floor for wiring and power because they want to hide the wiring from view and keep the environment as neat as possible, but that often means the mess is now under the floor. 

www.unixbabuforum.inRaised floors were first used for several purposes. 
A) Where cooling for the systems is water based, the plumbing was below the 
floor level. 
B) Many CPU chassis's (racks) were designed for cable entry from below, 
requiring the rack to be elevated 
C) Small carts loaded with printouts (boxes of papers) had to be wheeled 
to/from the inroom high speed printers. 
D) Where cooling was by forced air, the false floor acted as a plenum, with 
holes in tiles where air had to escape. 
E) The tiles are antistatic, preventing computer damage from static 
electricity from humans touching the equipment. 
F) Cleanliness.

www.unixbabuforum.inThe main reason for raised flooring is for cooling ( air is pumped below 
into holes in the floor to the equipment). Problem is with cable 
management, after a few years, the cables are that have been thrown 
under the floor start to look like a rats nest. 

The best way is to just use the ESD flooring tiles, cool room and a 
telephony approach to cable management

www.unixbabuforum.inThere are a number of reasons for a raised floor. 

Soime companies use this as a method to pump the required cold air to the 
serv ers in RACK . 

The bigest reason is cable management. When you have 10 to 20 servers or 
one hundred each with 3 to 4 cable connections a raised floor is nice to 

But if you have 500 to 10,000 servers each with 1 connections, cables 
management is a different different kettle of fish. 

can you Imagine 1000 servers with 10 connections each? 

Video, mouse, key board, 
network cable, IP console administrration 
network cable, remote console administration 
fiber connection, local SAN connection 
fiber connection, local SAN connection 
Network cable, Local Network IP address 
Network cable, local network, Internet application address. 

It is easy to put one network in a machine. It is easy to put 4 network 
cards in a machine. 

Geting a Machine to share and use one NIC card is hard . Keeping Virtual 
NIC cards and applications address and applications seperate is much 

www.unixbabuforum.inThe purpose of raised floor to ensure your infrastructure tidy of the cables that connected to the servers and to give you more flexibility for your future expansion. Raised floor are different types. Some are specially chosen to cope the wight of your server/Racks or storage systems. Additionally. Some perforated Raised floor used to control cold and hot aisels and enhance your cooling to your server that generates heat. Depends on type of installed Rack the type of raised floor recommanded.


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