Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How many LDoms can created on T4-4 server

www.unixbabuforum.inWe are building ldoms on our new T4-4 server. It has 16vcpu's (2 physical CPU's and each has 8 cores). Could you please let me know how many ldoms can be created using 16 vcpu's. Vcpu's and memory are dedicated to each ldom or is it shared? For example, can i assign 10 vcpu's to one ldom and 16 cpu's to another ldom? 

www.unixbabuforum.inIn Oracle VM for SPARC a VCPU is a thread, The T4 chip has 64 threads ( 8 per core ) so a T4-4 which is a 4 CPU system will have 64 x 4 threads i.e. 256 VCPU's, you can allocate these in whatever proportions you wish although I would advise that a 1 thread virtual machine will not be able to do very much work so it kind of depends on your application.

that 128 LDOMs can be created. 

There is also a wealth of info at 
https://wikis.oracle.com/display/oraclevm/Oracle+V M+Server+for+SPARC 

www.unixbabuforum.inThere is no limit to how many ldoms you can have. It is limited by the resources you have. An ldom can have multiple cpus or a fraction of a cpu. If you have 16vcpus you can have an ldom with 10 cpu and another with 6 cpus.


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