Thursday, December 19, 2013

Create a Boot Image of Puppy Linux on a USB

WWW.UNIXBABUFORUM.INi'm trying create a boot image of puppy linux on a USB. all the help on the puppy site has you burning a CD, which my asus netbook lacks. i've an "ISO"file, precise-5.7.1.iso from the download site on my USB, and simply want to create a boot image. i've tried imgburn and md5sum.exe with no luck. help, and thanks. -=* * marty, aka "applemcg"

www.unixbabuforum.inI've been using Puppy on my eeepc for many years now.

Once you get it booting from USB one of the easiest ways to evaluate different versions
is to install it to an sdcard. Once you have an sdcard booting you can just copy another
version of puppy ex. 'pupeee' to the sdcard for evaluation.

I'll be replacing XP soon on the internal ssd as XP is at end of life.

I'll gladly contribute to a puppy linux thread if you want to keep it going.


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