Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to convert Veritas Solaris 10 root to ZFS root

www.unixbabuforum.inI would like to know how to convert a Veritas root filesystem to ZFS will make a few assumptions and if they are incorrect then this may not work for you. 

You have a ufs root file system. 
You have a veritas vxvm encapsulated boot disk. 
You have a mirror of boot disk. 
You are running at least Sol 10 u6 

If that is true, you can use live upgrade to handle it for you. If you have a disk available you can use that, if not, and you don't mind running without a mirror for a little while you could break the mirror and use that disk. This does not require an upgrade, you are just using the lucreate feature of live upgrade. Make sure that you have current live upgrade packages and patches at least. See Oracles doc "Using Solaris Live Upgrade to Migrate to a ZFS Root File System (Without Zones)" for details. This document does not cover vxvm specifically but live upgrade may handle it. If you are not sure about lucreate handling the vxvm specifics then unencapsulate the boot disk first, then use the lucreate doc.


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