Sunday, December 15, 2013

Loading and Unloading from MYSQL to Teradata using Shell Script

www.unixbabuforum.inOur Requirement is We have 'N' number of source table (MySQ like emp,dept,salary)having different structure need to load to teradata Table (Similar structure as of Source Table e.g. emp table of MySQL and Teradata have similar structure).but loading is based on configuration table which contain information like source table name ,target table name and column to be excluded.Lets take a e.g if employee table has column emp no,emp name,emp address and configuration table contain column to be excluded as emp address then we need to load emp no,emp name in to teradata using one script.Can we achieve this in Shell Script It looks like you want to know if a shell script can do some translation/etl type processing. The answer in short is yes, is it the best way to achieve it.... depends! on how much/how often and availability of other tools.


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