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Set aio minservers and aio maxservers To New Values Under AIX

www.unixbabuforum.inSet [ aio_minservers and aio_maxservers ] to a new values under AIX. 
Hi All, 
I need to set the two following parameters [ aio_minservers - aio_maxservers ] to a new values. 
Unless I'm mistaken, but after reading the man pages, I think that the best way to process is by using the comman ioo as follow : 
# ioo -r –o aio_minservers =NEW_VALUE 

# ioo -r –o aio_maxservers =NEW_VALUE 

# shutdown -Fr 

What do you think about, are my commands correct or may be there is now need to reboot. 

If you are on AIX 6.1 or above yes you need to use ioo command to make the changes. However if you use the option "-r" this means that the changes will only be applied after the reboot. I think minserver and maxserver are not restricted parameters so you can use -p option so that it may take effect current session and even after the reboot (man ioo) . 

ioo -p –o aio_minservers =NEW_VALUE 
ioo -p –o aio_maxservers =NEW_VALUE 

Recommend to confirm before changing the default parameters as AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 the default values are optimal. 

www.unixbabuforum.inThere is a lot of debate about this and the advice seems to be that you don't go beyond 10 servers per core, however it uses a very small amount of RAM, and the servers are only started as required, so as long as you don't create a number like 1 million or something like that, there won't be a problem.


In AIX 6.1 
# ioo -r -o aio_maxservers=31 
Setting aio_maxservers to 31 in nextboot file 
Warning: changes will take effect only at next reboot 


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