Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Setup Fibre Optic Connection on AIX p570(to a LUN on NetApp filer)

www.unixbabuforum.inwould any of you fine ladies and gentlemen give me a hand with this task? 
We would like to try connecting our NetApp filer to some of our AIX LPARs 
via fibre optic. 
I do have 4 cards on every p570 frame, I attached one of them to my lpar, 
but don't really know how to continue; 
I am very good with NetApp filers, but so far we were using NFS only, 
never tested Fibre and LUNs... 

here is a screen shot from LPAR with one of the fibre cards attached: 

root@XXXnim:/:# lscfg -vps -l fcnet0 
fcnet0 U789D.001.DQDZZZY-P1-C6-T1 
Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device 


Name: disk 
Node: disk 
Device Type: block 

root@XXXnim:/:# lscfg -vps -l fcnet1 
fcnet1 U789D.001.DQDZZZY-P1-C6-T2 
Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device 


Name: disk 
Node: disk 
Device Type: block 

root@XXXnim:/:# lsdev |grep -i fibre 
fcnet0 Defined 00-00-01 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device 
fcnet1 Defined 00-01-01 Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device 

any hands on experience, "how to" documents, links to Red Books, etc, 

www.unixbabuforum.inThe provisioning of the 
LUN was done by our SAN admin. I put the whole thing in there (even though 
I know you already installed them) for completeness. Also, we used MPIO, if 
you're not, you can skip what's related to that. Hope this helps you some! 

Check for mpio software 

lslpp -L | grep mpio 

Install HBA 

Check to see if seen (will show up as fcs0 and fcs1 (multiple ports) 

lsdev -Cc adapter 

Check for WWN 

lscfg -vl <adapter name from lsdev> 

SAN is configured/patched 

Check for LUNs 

Cfgmgr -v 

Check for disks 

Lsdev -Cc disk 

Install host utilities, done from smit 




Check for updated MPIO status 

Cfgmgr -v 

Lsdev -Cc disk 

If it shows "other fc scsi disk drive", remove 

Rmdev -dl hdiskX 

After drives removed, rediscover lun 


**do this 2 times 

Check for disks 

Lsdev -Cc disk 

Should only show ONE disk

www.unixbabuforum.inlooks like there is a netapp program for AIX to enhance the MPIO drivers... 

refer to these. p a?messageID 384489 

With HDS storage we have an ODM update which enhances the IBM MPIO drivers to handle HDS storage, I expect that NetApp have the same sort of product/software like HDLM.


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