Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some kernel parameters aren't recognized in OS?

www.unixbabuforum.inI set the kernel parameter "set msgsys:msginfo_msgmni=1024" in /etc/system and reboot the system. 
But the following command doesn't show the this parameter "msginfo_msgmni" @Solaris 10. 

# vi /etc/system 

set msgsys:msginfo_msgmni=1024 

# /usr/ccs/bin/nm /dev/ksyms | grep msginfo_msgmni 
[4426] | 25607304| 32|OBJT |LOCL |0 |ABS |project_msgmni_ops 
[4427] | 18158092| 40|FUNC |LOCL |0 |ABS |project_msgmni_test 
[28539] | 26009292| 4|OBJT |GLOB |0 |ABS |rc_project_msgmni 
[28459] | 26009212| 4|OBJT |GLOB |0 |ABS |rc_zone_msgmni 
[6074] | 25642864| 32|OBJT |LOCL |0 |ABS |zone_msgmni_ops 
[6075] | 18880008| 40|FUNC |LOCL |0 |ABS |zone_msgmni_test 

Is this parameter recognized in OS? 
Or any other setting is needed?? 
7.2 General entries in the file /etc/system 

The file /etc/system contains various very important resource configurable 
parameters for your system. You use these tunings to give a heavily loaded 
system more resources of a certain kind. Unfortunately a *reboot* is 
necessary after changing anything. Though one could schedule reboots after 
midnight, I advice against it. You should always check if your changes have 
the desired effect, and won't tear down the system. 

Each severely warns against transporting an /etc/system from one system onto 
another, even worse, onto another hardware platform: 
* Clean out your /etc/system when you upgrade. 

I don't have the technical data of your system or information about 

The first link you have examples of the parameters in the following for more 

www.unixbabuforum.inSolaris 10 is transitioning to using a different method for handling some of the resource controls. 

Please investigate: (man pages, Google search, etc) 


commands. msgsys is one of the resouce controls that is controlled via projects now. 


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