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www.unixbabuforum.inI have IBM p650 running AIX 5100-04 and want to upgrade to AIX 5200-08. 

Is it possible to upgrade directly to AIX 5200-08? 

Or must I upgrade to AIX 5100-07 or some other levels before upgrading to AIX5200-08?

www.unixbabuforum.inIn all honesty, i'd rather do a fresh install of AIX 5.3 because 5.2 is 
only supported in extended support with IBM. 

I do assume that you have AIX 5.2 install media (update media for AIX 
5.2 alone isn't enough to 'upgrade' AIX 5.1). 

If i was going to upgrade rather than reinstall, I would be tempted to 
patch update to the highest revision of AIX 5.1 that is available before 
upgrading, upgrade to AIX 5.2, then once upgraded, patch update to the 
highest revision of AIX 5.2. 

Make sure you have a good mksysb between each and every update and 
upgrade because IBM won't support you on AIX 5.1 and will only support 
you on 5.2 if you have an extended support contract. 

The p650's will run AIX 5.3 and only in some rare cases (where prior to 
AIX 5.1, the box was running AIX 4.3.3, you might have to do some 
firmware tweaks to update the load-address of the OpenFirmware. 

If you can move all of your applications filesystems outside of the 
rootvg then you can make your upgrade a lot less painful, and then 
import your old VGs back in (if runing Oracle or the like, make sure you 
backup /etc/oraInventory, and /var/opt/oracle). 

www.unixbabuforum.inIts a major upgrade because you wanna upgrade the version of your OS, should take the mksysb of your current system and then insert your installation media of 5.2 with TL 8 reboot the system with and choose migrate system option to upgrade your OS.

www.unixbabuforum.inThe direct answer to your question is yes, but why stop at AIX 5.2. 
AIX 5.2 is no longer supported you should consider AIX 6.1 or at least AIX 5.3. 

www.unixbabuforum.inYes, it is possible to upgrade your p650, but there s few items you may 
want to look into first... 
1. I would check the firmware for you NIC/HBA's and internal DISK 
and the system firmware also. If there are downlevel, upgrade them the 
latest level. 
2. If you have SAN connections, you'll should upgrade whatever 
SAN drivers you are using to the latest level that is compatible with your 
SAN/Application and server. 
3. If your running an application, verify that the application is 
certified to run on a newer level of AIX. 
4. Upgrading to 5200-08 is a waste of time, unless there are 
constraints from the application thats running on your server. 5200 isn't 
supported anymore, so if the application can't 
run no higher than 5200, then your application needs to be 
upgraded also. 
5. If you can upgrade, you might as well go to sp2, 
which is currently the highest on 5.3 or upgrade to AIX 6.1 sp1, I believe 
is the current sp, sp2 may be out already. 
6. And before any upgrade make sure you at least do a mksysb, 
lppchk , usrchk on your system to see if they are any issues. 

www.unixbabuforum.inFurther to Robert's response, I once queried about AIX 6.1 on a p650 
with IBM and they stated that there is no benefit in running 6.1 on 
POWER4 as all the new stuff in 6.1 is geared towards POWER5 and above. 
Stick with AIX 5.3 if at all possible. 


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