Thursday, December 5, 2013

Migrating UFS Root Filesystem to ZFS Root file system x86

The fallowing Procedure describes how to migrate to a zfs root file system by using Live Upgrade. The one way migration is supported for UFS root file system only. To migrate non root file system use ufsdump and ufsrestore commands to copy ufs data and restore into zfs file system.

This Migration involves 3 major steps:

1.Preparing the disk and creating a zfs storage pool.
2.Creating a new ZFS boot environment.
3.Activating the ZFS boot environment.

This example uses a UFS root file system on an x86 based system. The Primary disk is c0d1 and the target update disk is c2do.

1.with the disk labeled as SM1, create a new s0 partition and a new ZFS pool

2.Create a new ZFS storage pool called rpool:

3.Create a new boot environment

4. Activate the new ZFS boot environment


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