Friday, February 14, 2014

AIX 5.3 Server Not appearing in Hummingburd Exceed
We recently installed IBM P6-570 Server with OS AIX5.3.We are using Hummingbird Exceed at client side to access the server But this Server is not appearing in the Exceed Host list.While we are able to telnet this server from client machine. Pl suggest what extra step we have to take care for connectivity.

www.unixbabuforum.instartup Exceed on your local system. 
get the IP of your local system. 

login to AIX with telnet/ssh and 
$> export DISPLAY=local.ip.address:0.0 
$> xterm 
this should present an xterm session on your exceed xserver. 
from withing the xterm session via exceede you can launch everything else, if you have a window manager like CDE installed on the AIX system you can launch that instead of xterm or start from the xterm session. 
dont close the original session to the system. 

you can configure exceed to do this for you, 
IIRC XDMCP wont work to AIX boxes without some fuss.


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