Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reset all nvram Config Param to Default

After reset all nvram config param to default by the following command on Open Boot prom (OBP) and reset sunfire v240, the os will not load and I do not see anything on the monitor ! 

ok set-defaults 
ok setenv security-mode full 
ok reset-all 

www.unixbabuforum.inhe firmware password issue means that the OBP (NVRAM) variable for 
security-mode is set to something like 'command' instead of 'none'. If 
don't know of a password that's set you will need to return the SC/OBP 
on the server to a default configuration to get out of this scenario. 
One thing, if you type boot at the prompt you are seeing does the server 
boot up to the OS? If it does you can log in as root and then run the 
command eeprom security-mode=none from the shell prompt. That will 
remove the firmware password being prompted for on server reboots. 

Another question, if you type the sequence #. at your serial console do 
you get put in to the SC shell? You should get the sc> prompt if it 
works. If you can get to the SC shell you can type the command; 

sc> setdefaults (answer Y to the message are you sure you want to reset 
SC configuration) 
sc> resetsc 

The SC would then reset and return to OBP without the firmware password. 
You can then look to set the OBP variables again as required. 

www.unixbabuforum.inSounds like your output may be directed to the serail port (ttyA) 
following the default OBP settings being invoked. Connect a cross-over 
cable to ttyA using laptop or dumb terminal (usual term settings of 
9600, 8, no parity, 1 stop bit). Once you get output you may need to 
send a break as system may be trying to boot from the network also. 

You will need to check the boot-device, diag-device and diag-switch? 
settings are correct. You may need to set diag-device to disk, 
diag-switch? to false and boot-device to your required boot disk from 
the devalias output at OBP. Then do a reset-all to commit the settings. 
If output had been directed to ttyA you'll need to set output-device and 
input-device in OBP to your required variables


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